Further education in dance to obtain a joint degree

Currently our higher education courses in dance are aimed at dancers of contemporary and jazz. We train our students to become state diploma teachers, who are aware of their responsibilities they will have to practise before they enter the professional world, the formation of a dancer’s body and the passing on of their art. The important activities of practical application and experimentation within teaching are carried out by our students in partnership with the national education, public arts teaching organisations and numerous private schools.  

Over time, the PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine (formerly CEFEDEM Aquitaine), has been used as an essential regional resource centre for dance. In its libraries and studios young students intersect, students of CRR, researchers, graduates of different ages, dancers, national and international choreographers, and great teachers and lecturers. It is within this atmosphere of dance and musical creativity that we wish to welcome you.

Livret de l'Etudiant du Département Danse 2016-2017

State Diploma of Dance Teacher (600 hours)

The State Diploma of Dance Teaching is made up of four cumulative teaching modules. 
The minimum duration of the training is 600 hours and is broken down as such: 

- Musical training – minimum duration 100 hours
- History of Dance – minimum duration 50 hours
- Physical Anatomy – minimum duration 50 hours
- Theory of Teaching and rehearsal and study of movement – minimum duration 400 hours

The course of study and the exams are organised over two university years, which include and compliment the higher artistic practical courses, observational internships in enterprises, teaching and rehearsals, workshops in choreography, conferences, performances…

Final Evaluation of the 600 hour Diploma:

After having obtained the units of Musical Teacher Training, History of Dance, and Anatomy – Physiology, the candidate is admitted to present an evaluation on the unit of Teacher Training, after having obtained his/her diploma in the their chosen option (classical, contemporary or jazz).

Entry Requirements:

On the application of the candidate (link to pre-register for courses: here) stating that you:
Have passed the Technical Aptitude Exam (EAT) in the desired option, or the possession of an equivalent qualification (paragraph 2 of the decree of the 11th April 1995).
- Will be least 18 years old by the 31st of December of the year when the course starts 
- The course fees per year, including Technical refinement, conferences…:
€400 + €33 Compulsory membership fee (social security not included)
(administrative conditions page)


Monday, 20th May, 2017 (postmarked before or on) addressed to:
(The Dance Department) Departement Danse Pole d'Enseignement Supérieur de la Musique et de la Danse – 19 Rue Monthyon – 33800 Bordeaux – France

State Diploma of Dance Teacher (400 hours)

Teaching practise and theory, and movement analysis: minimum 400 hours.
The curriculum includes, in addition to the higher artistic courses, observational work experience placements, practical teaching and performance, choreographic workshops, conferences, performances…

Entry Requirements:

- Professional dancers on a short term contract can, under the conditions, take the Technical aptitude exam (E.A.T.) to the equivalent of three starting credits units. In this case they will directly access the Education Unit.
- On the candidate’s application, detailing any exemptions or equivalencies, sent by courier 6 months before the start of the course.
Course membership fee €400

State Diploma for Professor of Dance (200 hours)

The teacher training for choreographers is 200 hours, and is broken down as such:
- Fundamental Teaching: 200 hours
- Analysis of movement in the body during dance: 38 hours
- Knowledge of the learning process of students according to their age: 20 hours
- Knowledge of the relationship with music: 25 hours
- Teaching a specific technique for each genre, jazz, classical etc: 50 hours
- Practical course: 40 hours
- Dance teaching regulations and the professional status of students: 7 hours
- Completion of an end of course thesis

Final Evaluation of the 200 hour diploma:

After the training, the choreographer will be able to obtain their State Diploma from the DRAC of their region, by presenting a certificate of attendance of the teaching placement, provided by the authorised centre.

Entry Requirements:

- Choreographers get, as part of the implementation of the act, specific provisions, taking into account their professional and performing experience.
- Performers benefit from the right to the State Diploma, relating to paragraph 3 of the first article of the 10 July 1989 decree. They have to ask the DRAC of their region to allow them to sign up for teacher training, outlined in the same article.
- Ask for an application from the PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine.

Dance Degree

The implementation of this dance degree, in partnership with the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, allows students interested in choreographic studies to learn theoretical tuition and gain the necessary methodological tools to build a foundation of fundamental knowledge and to deepen their understanding of this artistic domain, whilst complementing artistic and teacher training at the high level of the PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine.
This curriculum is a joint dance degree and State Diploma for Dance Teacher which leads to two independent degrees, relating to two independent qualifications that are gained through specific and complementary assessments.
It is necessary to sign up twice: once to the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, and once to the PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine. Gaining a dance degree without the state diploma does not authorise you for dance teaching, but in all cases it allows you to pursue masters studies.

The joint training has several advantages:
Unite your professional (State Diploma of Dance Teacher), and University training, a practical qualification and continued intellectual study.
Enrich your student dance studies by taking joint courses of research work… inter- discipline performances including music and dance, provided in other training such as music, and theatrical studies.
Develop and pursue your studies beyond the State Diploma with a professional masters or a doctorate, furthering and enriching your university dance research.



Selective course, up to the full capacity of 30 students.
Joint Inscription with the University of Bordeaux Montaigne/PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine is OBLIGATORY.
For more information call + 33 (0)5 56 91 45 44.
In year 1:
Admission on application and audition: each candidate in possession of a baccalaureate of DAEU ‘A’, of ESEU ‘A’, or another acceptable qualification, must submit an application (between the 20th of January and the 20th of March) and present themselves at an audition in mid-May, to allow them to prove their technical level. This last test will allow with the degree 1 to obtain their Technical Aptitude Exam (EAT) within the university year, if they haven’t already gained it.
Students must pass the Technical Aptitude Exam (EAT) to be able to progress to second year, which is a joint curriculum with the first year of State Diploma of Dance Teacher training at the PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine. The holders of a BAC L dance and a BAC Technique of Music and Dance (TMD) are given priority. 
In Year 2 (L2/ the State Diploma of Dance Teacher curriculum from first year):
Automatic Entry: First year dance + the Technical Aptitude Exam (EAT) or its equivalent.
Entry on application: For students holding a different degree and the Technical Aptitude Exam (EAT) or its equivalent. The student in education must be at least 18 by the 31st of December of the year when the course starts.
In Third Year (L3/ State Diploma of Dance Teacher curriculum from second year):
Automatic Entry: Students holding a different third year degree or a masters and having passed their first year State Diploma.
Entry on application: Students holding a different third year degree or a masters and having passed their first year State Diploma.