Dear visitors,
It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website. For professionals, students, the public and our partners, this online resource will allow you to discover our college of music and dance, which is situated in a city and region with a rich culture and unique heritage.  
Succeeding the 20 years of CEFEDEM Aquitaine, the PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine provides courses and professional development training for music and dance teachers and new qualifications in musical performance. Our organisation works on most of its projects in co – operation with our partners (the French Government, the Aquitaine region and the city of Bordeaux) and the major regional institutions, in particular, the Bordeaux Conservatoire, the Bordeaux National Opera, the CDC Aquitaine and Bordeaux University Montaigne.
The ambition of this organisation of national and international calling is the union of knowledge, the arts, styles and the public, to create versatile and open-minded arts teachers. With the uniting of different cultures, the aim is to stay creative within the areas of performance and teaching.
Founded within the framework of the new higher European diplomas based around the careers of the performance and teaching of music and dance, all the diplomas granted by the PESMD can be taken alongside the Arts degree at Bordeaux University Montaigne.
Professional work placements for musicians in training, notably in the National Orchestra of Bordeaux Aquitaine, the Pau Pays Béarn Orchestra, or for dancers with the Malandain Ballet Biarritz, allow many opportunities for our students to integrate with the professionals and to perform at a very high level. The team of qualified teachers associated with the PESMD allows us to give our students every chance of success in their chosen career.
This where contemporary dance, jazz dance and ballet meet popular music, jazz, traditional and classical music as equals…
Enjoy your visit,

Laurent GIGNOUX, directeur


Renamed in May 2012, the Bordeaux Aquitaine College of Music and Dance (PESMD), has succeeded the CEFEDEM Aquitaine, which was founded in 1991.