Présentation du PesmdRenamed in May 2012, the Bordeaux Aquitaine College of Music and Dance (PESMD), has succeeded the CEFEDEM Aquitaine, which was founded in 1991. A unique organisation of higher education in the Aquitaine region, the PESMD is an association authorised by the Ministry of Culture and Communication that is designed to provide training to music and dance teachers through the State Diploma of Dance and Music (DE), and the National Higher Diploma of the Professional Musician (DNSPM).
Well established in the Aquitaine area but with international connections the PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine has set up solid partnerships, notably with Bordeaux University Michel de Montaigne, and Toulouse le Mirail, which also offer their students the option of completing a joint degree by obtaining an art degree and a DUMI (University Diploma of Visiting Musician).
PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine is subsidised by the DRAC Aquitaine, the Regional Council of Aquitaine, the Gironde General Council and supported by the City of Bordeaux in agreement with the Conservatoire of Bordeaux.


President / Alain Meunier
Director/ Laurent Gignoux
Administrator/ Karine Durand-Salace
Director of Music Teaching / Laurent Gignoux
Further Training Advisor / Caroline Follana
Graduate Program Advisor – International Relations Coordinator / Sylvain Perret
In charge of communication / Caroline Huguenet
Administrative Assistant / Isabelle Brenuchot
Dance Assistant / Danielle Moreau
Music Assistant / Véronique Phuoc
Further Training Assistant / Nathalie Allain
Assistant receptionist and EAT service administrator / Elsa Atienza
Registrar / Jean-Pierre Delord