La Validation des Aquis de l'Experience professeur de MusiqueValidation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

Since 2012, PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine has implemented an exam – the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE), to allow candidates to obtain the State Diploma of Music Teacher.

The PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine can provide the exam for the following disciplines: 

In Classical and contemporary:
Options: violin, viola, cello, double bass, transverse flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, cor anglais, trombone, tuba, accordion, guitar, percussion, singing, saxophone and piano.

Traditional Music
Options: any instruments connected to the culturel aera of Aquitaine.

Options: all related instruments and singing.

Popular Music:
Options: all related instruments and singing.

Musical Training:
Options:  music or dance

The PESMD is not equipped for the following disciplines:

Instrumental or vocal lessons:
Area: ancien music

The candidates should therefore address themselves to the CEFEDEM closest to where they live:
The publication notice for the BO (Bulletin officiel) Calendars for the VAE music season 2012-2013 for the Ministry of Culture and Communication: THE VAE – The State Diploma for Music Teacher (DE)

The VAE is defined in the law L-2002-73 of the 17th January 2002 that recognises that all people engaged in an active life should be able to validate their acquired experience, notably their professionnal experience, with the aim of gaining a diploma, a professionnal title or a certificate (...) stored in the directory of professionnal certifications.

 - Law no. 2002-73 of January 2002 social modernisation
Decree no. 2011-475 of 28th April 2011 relating to the State Diploma of Music Teacher
Order of May 5th 2011 relating to the State Diploma of Music and its annexes
Order of the 3rd of August 2011 laid down for the year 2011-2012 the course fees for enrolling the Validation of Acquired Experience in higher teaching organisations connected to the Ministry of Culture and Communication
- Publication Notice for the BO Calendar for the VA music season 2012-2013 of the Ministry of Culture and Communication: BO N° 206 (January 2012).pdf
- Framework of Professionnal Musical Competence.pdf
- VAE Brochure from the Ministry of Culture.pdf

Who can consider applying for a VAE?

  • Private Sector Employees (CDI, CDD, agency workers…),
  • Self-employed (liberal professions, artists and independent workers, artisans…),
  • Civil Servants/public officials,
  • Compensated or uncompensated jobseekers,
  • Volunteers,
  • Any person, with or without recognised qualifications, who would like to take the diploma.


1. Before starting this process for the VAE, you must check that the National Diploma of Music Teacher is directly connected with your experience and you are able to justify the required working hours. To do this, consult the State Diploma Rules of Certification, published in appendix 1 of the decree of the 5th of May 2011 and consult the skills framework (see the reference texts below)

2. Over the course of a calendar year, the number of places for the VAE is limited. The candidate can only submit one application for the same qualification, and they can only apply to one validating centre. Once accepted by a centre, the candidate cannot change their choice.

Conditions of Access 

  • There is no age limit
  • Open to any nationality
  • There is no required level of education or skill
  • Demonstrate the skill acquired over the course of one or more activities equalling a cumulative duration (article 16 of the decree of the 5th of May): of a minimum of three years adding up to 1 800 hours – at least equivalent to two years of teaching (1 200 hours) in the discipline, field and the viable options, the remainder of the experience can be other activities in direct relation with the activities and competencies framework defined by the Rules of Certification (amongst others aspects, performance..).
    These activities, whether continuous or not, can be paid, unpaid or voluntary work. This is taking into account the accumulation of these three possibilities.

How to calculate the hours for the VAE.pdf


The dates for the next season at PESMD Bordeaux Aquitane will be soon released.

For your information on other organisations:
Other organisations that provide the VAE – calendar for the 2015 season

Application Process

We invite you to familiarise yourself with all the information linked with the VAE and, if needed, ask the person in charge before starting the process.   

1.   Download and legibly fill out booklet 1 (or the application pack) and document Cerfa 12818*01 available during the application period. 
VAE Procedure.pdf
Send it to the specified address along with a cheque for 80€ and if you think you will be supported by one of the proposed organisations, attach the application documents with the payment documents;

2.    You will hear back as to whether your application has been successful within two months;

3.   Confirm your interest in completing the application, by enclosing the payment – without financial support 350€, with financial support 700€. If you are signed up for support, add the same cheque for the course fees (minimum 450€) corresponding to the amount of support;

4.   Complete the booklet 2 (competencies booklet) that you have been sent after the acceptance of booklet 1.
VAE Procedure.pdf
Forward four copies of them within the timeframe (postmarked before or on);

5.   Interview with the panel.
VAE Procedure.pdf

If your contact information changes during the procedure, do not forget to inform the organisation. 


For stages 4 and 5: filling out of booklet 2 ‘competencies booklet’ and preparation for the interview, the candidate may ask for help in filling out the application; this service is optional. Each candidate is free to be supported through the process or not and has free choice of the person who helps them.

The PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine provides this support (€450 minimum).

If the candidate would like support with the application process, they should inform themselves about the different kinds of help provided by their chosen organisation.

They must also inform us whether or not they are receiving support at the same time as they send in the booklet 1; it is important that if the application of the candidate is declared as being unsupported, the Centre will file the request for support right away.

Their support will start after they are deemed eligible (stage 2). It ends when the application process is complete with the presentation of acquired experience, they have had their interview with the panel and/or they have completed their period of observed teaching


Fees for one discipline, area of study or qualification.

Booklet 1: €80
If the candidate is accepted they will have to pay the deposits for the remainder of the procedure.

Booklet 2 and the remainder of the procedure:

  • For the candidates who are not having their fees paid for*: €350
  • For the candidates whose organisation are paying the fees: 700
    Support (optional): €450 minimum according to the support conditions

    *The reduced tariff only applies to the candidates who can present one of the following documents:

  • If the candidate is an employee: confirmation that their employers will not pay their fees, signed by their employers,
  • If the candidate is self-employed: proof of their association with a collecting body and a copy of the reply from this organisation to their request,
  • If the candidate is unemployed: proof of refusal from the employment centre or the Regional Council,
  • If the candidate is a volunteer: proof of refusal from the organisation that they are volunteering with.

If the fees are being paid for:
It is the responsibility of the candidates themselves to take the appropriate steps to have their course fees paid for by different bodies and organisations who participate in professional development training before they sign up.

If the candidates request help with the application, the request for having the fees paid by the financing organisation or their employer must also include the support fees.
A quote will be drawn up by the PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine upon request.

For example: including your employer: Uniformation for the staff associations, local and regional authorities for the territorial workers, AFDAS for visiting artists, etc.

Please take note! Over the course of one working year the candidate cannot submit more than one application for the same qualification and can only address themselves to one validating centre.

For more information, please contact Caroline Follana, in charge of the Professional Development department.