The Department for Further Training at the PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine organises training subsidised by the State and the Region of Aquitaine, in the aim of responding to the training needs of professional performers and music teachers of dance or voice.




Further Professional Training: Music, Dance and Voice

As part of this responsibility, the PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine proposes qualifications, career advice and guidance, professional retraining by providing:  

- Further professional training by way of the State Diploma of Dance teacher, which is open to both choreographers in active employment and jobseekers
- Further professional training by way of the State Diploma of Music Teacher, which is open to current students and job seekers

Professional Integration: by preparing our students as candidates for different jobs in the Ministry of Culture and in the Public Sector, with individual interviews, followed by and alongside courses for teachers and head teachers of music and dance schools.

Regional Experts: by focusing on developing our relationships to identify territorial needs of this training for insertion into the network of arts education providers; cultural services departments, the network of music and dance schools, all music and dance education organisations, professional orchestras and ballets…

Educational Thinkers:  by organising exchanges with professional teachers and then setting up training linked with the teaching competencies, the general training, and the official table of teaching competencies.

Offering Training:  by gearing training to the specific needs of departmental organisations, local employers, the network of arts teachers, professional orchestras and ballets.


Further to the Offer of Training

The PESMD Bordeaux Aquitaine works with the music schools network, several employers and communities of communes in order to be able to provide this opportunity.

The training has been established in consultation with the municipal and associated network of music schools in the Aquitaine Region, the needs of professional performers, with regard to required skills in the official table of competences and the job profile for educational jobs in music and dance.

The training labelled “stages CNFPT” (traineeships CNFPT) are open primarily and free of charge to territorial employees.

The others are open to workers from all sectors: associative, territorial, private, variable contract, jobseekers and to professional standard amateurs*.

The fees are different depending on the agreements of the training organisations.  

*As part of the cultural association partnership in order to facilitate the meeting of public, amateurs and professionals.

Course Fees

For each course there are two different categories of tariff:

Individual Tariff: if the course is paid for directly by the trainee and on proof of refusal to pay by their employer.
Employers Tariff: if the course fees are being paid for by the employer.

We recognise that higher professional training is a right for each employee. A request should be made by the employee to their employer which consults the OPCA, which is attached to the organisations (CNFPT, AFDAS, UNIFORMATION, FIFPL, AGEFOS, POLE EMPLOI…).

The fees and terms when the employer takes responsibility vary; we invite you to contact us.
In all cases please take note of the delay between handing in the subscription papers to professional development organisation, and the start date of the course.

Qualifying training


For professional development qualifications: see ‘professional development qualifications